Posted by: Skeptical Moose | February 6, 2010

And who says you can’t watch evolution?

Ok, you may have to be patient and maintain a solid scientific approach, but I love the fact that we humans are constantly evolving.

Take a look at J Frater’s ‘Top 10 Signs of Evolution in Modern Man’: the list is naturally debatable and I dare say others would add, subtract or question.

Can the appendix actually be used to house beneficial bacteria (seemingly, we don’t need them, but they are getting larger over time, perhaps because the smaller ones get infected more easily)?

Is our little toe just for balance?

And ears are pretty fascinating! Why do we have earlobes (other than for procreating with those who enjoy Camden Market)? Why are some upper ears pointy and some rounded (see ‘Darwin’s Ear’)? Do we really need all that ear hair and muscle: surely they will be on their way soon?

Plenty to consider, and it reminds us that we are as much at the mercy of natural selection as we have ever been. So, of course, are the harmful organisms who constantly evolve resistance to the drugs we use to protect ourselves against them. Both are simply searching for that higher performance level …


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