Posted by: Skeptical Moose | January 14, 2011

Best of the year so far

Yes, I know it’s only mid-Jan, but us commuters rattle through so much material that I need to offload now and again (and I don’t mean offload in this sense)!/ScepticalMoose gives you a list so far

The highlights (if you don’t have countless hours to spend):

Dan Everett’s amazing experiences with the Piraha people. Covers language, culture and that which makes us human. Imagine everyday life with no numbers, no past/future tense, no left/right, no recursion, etc. Incredible stuff; completely inspiring.

And this LSE talk re the fact that 70% of behaviour has a social context. Some great case studies and examples used – a very high-pitched and enthusiastic Mr Markides – and basically explains why Bankers and Nazis are not so different …



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