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  1. Interested to hear your thoughts on Khyra Ishaq. It seems clear she was failed by the system however i have deeper concerns about the motives of her family. Her ‘real’ father and grandmother are now accusing the social services and will no doubt pursue a claim. It seems highly unlikely that they paid any attention to Khyra during her last year – she was taken out of school in 2007, her step father was schizophrenic, her 5 siblings are all in care, surely they must have known this?. It seems to me that they are more responsible than the system, but there will be no punishment for them!

    • I do not know the case well and have relied purely on a few newspaper reports. Firstly, it’s utterly sickening. Secondly, I dare say you are right and they will likely now use the ‘system’ for their own benefits … or redemption – whatever it is that they crave.

      The bigger picture: sadly, any justice system fails to ever fully account for a crime and this is something I have often thought about. In an economics context, these are the ‘externalities’.

      Studying true crime (https://skepticality.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/serial-killers-just-one-more-bizarre-interest-to-add-in-to-the-mix/) makes you realise that, more often than not, the murderers are actually victims themselves. They often have utterly miserable lives, mis-treated by all they come across; before committing crimes (because they know no better) and naturally being punished for them. Sadly, their tormentors are rarely brought to account.

      Not quite the same as the above, but you take my point. We live in a nasty, nasty world!!

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